Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Ms. D. Gravelle

S2.T1 - The Selection Tool


Selection and the Rectangle Tool

This is the Rectangular Selection Tool.

Use this tool to select a rectangular area

To add to a selection, hold Shift Key before dragging.

To make the selection exactly square, start dragging, and then hold Shift.
You can press Ctrl+D to "deselect" and remove the selection at any time.


Eliptical Selection and Subtracting Areas

Hold down on the Selection Tool on the Toolbar, and choose the Ellipse.

To move the selection, just click inside it and drag.

Holding Alt while selecting subtracts that area from the selection. I've done that with the Ellipse Selection Tool.

Selection Exercise

Reproduce the selection below.  Show the teacher when you have finished.


Adding Colour

This part of the Toolbox is where you select your colours


The top square is the foreground colour. If you use a brush or paint bucket, it will apply this colour.

The bottom square is the background colour.

Click on either square to change its colour.
Click the arrow to swap the two colours.
Click the little squares to reset the colours to black and white.


The Paint Bucket and Gradient tools

Select a retangular area

On a new layer, just click the Paint Bucket tool inside the area of your selection to fill it with the colour you've selected.

Select another area

Click and drag from one area to another to fill the area. The point where you started to click will be the colour of your foreground colour, and the point where you took your finger off the mouse button will be the colour of your background colour. The area in between will gradually change from one colour to the other.

In this case, I went from corner to corner, with the default white and black selected.

Colour Exercise

With what you've learned so far, you should be able to recreate this:




Selection, Duplication and Transformation

Using the Lasso Tools we can select objects and then use Edit > Transform to modify them.

Copy the Image Below and Modify it. Make sure each new element is on it's own layer

Original Image

Modified Image

Try some additional modifications .........

Duplicate some of the candies (not the entire group of 4)
Light some of the candles (Hint: Open another image with flames, select the flame and copy to a new layer above your candles)
Add a background - maybe place the items on a table.
Change the colours of the some of the candles.
Add additional items.

Be creative and make the image unique and interesting.

Show me the final images.