Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Ms. D. Gravelle

S3.A5 - Pencil vs Camera





Pencil Vs Camera is an original visual concept mixing drawing and photo invented and popularized by Ben Heine since April 2010. A new art form and the artist’s special trademark, it is also one of the most creative and powerful art concepts of the 21st century. Heine does not recreate photographs, but he reimagines them. In these images, he likes to tell a story and convey timeless messages using imagination, illusion, poetry and surrealism. His work is powered by a fearless positivity. An already beautiful-looking photo is enhanced with a sketch that adds a splash of satire and whimsy.


S3.A5.1 - Research

Complete a biography of Ben Heine which include information about the the artist and explains at least 2 artistic techniques or styles that he is famous for. Include at least 1 photo for each style.

S3.A5.2 - Photograph

Draw 3 conceptual sketches of your subject matter for your own Pencil vs Camera mixed media project. Decide how you will break up your chosen image.

Consider line, form, unity and balance as well as foreground/background unity relationships between liine and shape.

Have your sketches approved by the teacher before starting your final draing/photo.

Post your final image.

S3.A5.3 - Artistic Statement

Include the Influence from Ben Hein's work and the Drawing/Photography techniques used in your work and how they support your intended visual message.

S3.A5.4 - Reflection

1. What part of your finished project did you find most successful and why?

2. What part of your finished project did you find least successful and why?

3. If you had to do this project again, what part would you change or improve on and why?