Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Ms. D. Gravelle

Photography Portfolio




Your final photography portfolio represents your best work. It takes a great deal of time, care, and effort to display your work effectively.

This photography portfolio represents you and what you are capable of doing. It is something to be proud of and this should be evident in the way you choose to present your work.

What to include on a Digital Portfolio

It's important to think through what you want on your Digital Portfolio. Here are a few things to put on the front page.

Goals of your Portfolio
Contact information, Social Media
Recent Updates to your site
Artifacts - the items you choose to post on your Digital Portfolio




Include examples of the projects you have been working on this semester. These could be class assignments and/or things you did on your own.

Photographic Artist Statement - discuss yourself as a photographic artist: What do you do or try to do? What do you think art is? What is the responsibility of a photographer/artist? What is your future direction in photographic art? Etc.

Splash Page/Home Page- The Home page should include a graphic that reflects either you or something about your unique photographic style. It should also include goals and contact information.

Artifacts - Show a variety of your talents and skills by including a variety of works, works, styles, colur, etc. Show evidence of the creative process for at least 1 work - show the steps along the way. Each image should have an artistic statement with it.

Effort - your effort will be evident; it is reflected in the quality of your finished product. This is an on-going project for the entire semester


Your method of presentation is up to you, it could be a new website, a slideshow, a video, and/or a printed portfolio. You may also wish to explore the use of the many online programs that allow your to create a digital portfolio.