Department of Creative Arts
St. Pius X High School

Ms. D. Gravelle


Creating a Website to Showcase your Work

As a photographer, your website is the single most important part of your brand identity. It defines how commercial clients see you and determines whether they contact you for a quote




Create your Template


1. In Gmail account open the 'Sites" menu

2. In Create choose New Sites

3. To create your template we will use default photos (you will replace these with your own photos later)

- add a title to your site

- add a header image from the selection available


4. Choose a theme, this changes colours, fonts, and style




Create your Header/Home Page

A mistake made too often by photographers is to simply put a beautiful image on their home page, hoping that it will do all the talking. But when they only see a bride, how can you expect your visitors (and Google) to know that they have landed on a wedding photographer's portfolio - and not a wedding gown designer?

What should be present on your homepage? A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you’ve answered these three simple questions:

Who are you? Whether you go by your own name, your business name, or even a stage name, you have to write it with a large font on the top of your page. Remember that it has to be consistent with the name you use on all your other outlets, otherwise people might have a hard time finding you on Google.

What do you do? Your name should be immediately followed by the mention “[X] Photography” or “[X] Photographer”, where [X] is your speciality. Be crystal clear and avoid jargon that only shutterbugs would understand

Where do you operate? Adding your location in the headline is not compulsory, but is still a very good practice.

1. Type your Header Information

Pro tip: Some photographers like to add another line under their headline, like their own motto, a slogan, or even an inspiring photography quote. Only write such a statement if it brings real value to your home page, and if it’s really short. Otherwise, just discard it - and save time for your readers to browse your gallery and other pages instead.

2. Find a quote or come up with your own. Add this to a separate Text Box so that we can include a Photo in the middle



3. Resize your header to Cover so it will fill the home page

4. Now add a Photo to the middle, crop as needed

We will update this page later with photos you take during the course.




Adding Pages

Add a page for each section of the course. Change your header back to banner.



Publishing your Site



1. Name your site



Note: You will need to publish your site every time you make a change


2. View your Published Site




Submit your Site URL

Open your published site, copy the URL.

Complete the google form to submit your site URL to me.

Website Registration Form